Mantra Retreat

Tune Into Flow & Uplift Humanity

12 incredible days in Delhi & Rishikesh, India

Learn How to Free Your Mind, Let Go, Find Your Inner Calm & Tune Into Your Flow... That Inner Feeling of Love, Peace & Joy

The Mantra Retreat is an extraordinary adventure that will help you discover your flow. The retreat introduces you to a series of profound experiences that create the foundation for deeper self- awareness and personal growth that no hotel room workshop can ever provide. Every day provides for a profound opportunity for developing yourself and seeing the world in a totally different way.

The retreat is built on the concept of:

  • Emotional mastery
  • Detachment
  • Developing strength of character
  • Intuition
  • Seeing through the illusions and trappings of life
  • Developing the ability to digest the good and bad life throws at you
  • Mastering the small irritating things in life
  • Accepting the sweetness and miracles life offers you

The Mantra Retreat takes you to Delhi and Rishikesh (North India), where you’ll get a chance to be of service to the children in communities we visit. There is nothing like experiencing a culture through the eyes of the people. We’ll meet some of the people and founders of the schools and orphanages which we visit and support..

On this tour you’ll experience some of the amazing sites in Delhi and Rishikesh. We have created a musical, magical, mystical adventure in the land from which the Vedas came into this world. You’ll have the unique blessing of staying at the Parmarth Niketan Ashram located on the bank of the Holy River Ganga in Rishikesh, the city known as the capital of Yoga. You will come away with a better understanding of the profound wisdom, philosophies and scientific teachings of the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita by exploring service.

This retreat has been created to enrich your life and to connect with the people and culture of India. Let’s explore our deep personal connection through service and global social action. Your participation on this trip contributes to the schools we visit in the slums and at a special needs school in Delhi and an Orphanage in Rishikesh.

"Yogi has a unique way of caring for each and every person on the trip, while at the same time being strong and firm in her negotiations with the service providers. She goes WAY out of her way to create a safe, nurturing and heart-felt experience. When I was sick….Yogi was there. When I was confused…Yogi was there. When I was hungry…Yogi was there. When I was singing and playful…Yogi was there. When I was teary-eyed filled with joy…Yogi was there. She created a life-changing journey with her love and magic!"

Participant: Angie Grainger,
Financial Advisor (Nape, USA)
"OMG, I really did not know what to expect. I love Yoga and jumped at the chance to join the tour. There is so much I could share, so many magical moments. One of my highlights has to be standing in the Ganga River, the cold waters energizing me from toe to head, but it was the group blessing that really touched me. Another highlight was the visit to the special needs school. This was a touching moment for me, it was so heart-warming to see the special needs and able bodied kids learning and playing together."

Participant: Nash Elena,
Yogi Instructor, Model (El Paso, Texas)
"The Mantra Tour is not your average tour to another country. This is a tour balanced with service to children and educators and an in depth experience of India; Its deep spirituality and its people. You experience India in a way that tours don't show; her struggles, her beauty and her humanity. i came away from the Mantra Tour with a deeper understanding of myself and my own humanity."

Participant: Gil Nichols,
retired (Kansas City, Missouri)
"I liked very much our evening gatherings and our connection spiritually! I enjoyed the diversity of the tour. Going to an orphanage, an ashram, a special needs school and the slum area was very unique and touching! I loved being able to sing again. I liked being with like-minded spiritual people that I could connect with and wanted to experience a very unique tour in every way! I loved that part of the proceeds went to these different places that we performed to help others in need!"

Participant: Marianna Pinto,
(San Diego, California)
"The Mantra Tour opened my eyes and my heart to humanity in a profound way. To witness the contrasts of opulent temples to crushing poverty was an emotional ride. My heart was opened to the amazing work of two women who started a school under a tree, one in the slums, another a special needs school. And meeting the American woman who started an orphanage in Rishikesh 25 yrs. ago. The children whose faces and smiles open your heart. Yogi, Beejal & Karl were fantastic guides and facilitators."

Participant: Chaka Ken-Varley,
(San Diego, California)
"I fulfilled a lifetime dream to visit India with the Mantra 2014 India Tour organized by Yogi Parmar. The trip was professionally organized and provided a true "taste of India." Seeing the Taj Mahal and temples, visiting schools and an orphanage, staying at the Ashram, sitting on the banks of the Ganga River and participating in the fire ceremony, are all just some of the highlights from my trip. I always felt safe and well cared for. This tour exceeded my expectations and I hope to attend another in the future with GoYogi Tours."

Participant: Sandy Riedinger,
senior nurse, (Pullman, Washington)
"How does one completely describe what the India trip is like and how deeply it touches a person. We were totally taken care of and felt safe from beginning to end. The service portion of the trip is nothing but pure joy and very heart opening and mind expanding. I went to India wanting to have my heart opened and my mind blown… and that is exactly what has happened. Not a day goes by that I don't think about that trip in some way or form. The friendships that were made, the sites that you see, and the experiences that you have… well they all touch you deeply. I highly recommend this trip. You will grow in ways you never thought you would or thought possible."

Participant: Lane Utley,
Senior Nurse (Lapwai, Idaho)
"This tour was so much more profound than other world tours I've taken for several reasons. It was a hands-on, service tour in which we went into schools and sang with the children. Karl was excellent with the children and not only kept their interest, but had them smiling and singing along! Yogi not only spoke the language but has the ability to seek out the best experiences for us… She is filled with a special loving mannerism that was contagious. One of the highlights for me was the evening Aarti Hindu services on the banks of Mother Ganga. We were treated royally and took part simply because of Yogi and family and Karl. The Mantra leaders were excellent in cluing in to our wants and desires...such as being blessed in the Ganga."

Participant: Carolyn Cournoyea,
Ludec, Canada
"The two weeks we spent in India was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. We experienced the depth and beauty of the spirit and culture. The most magical part of our trip was the people we met, including Yogi, her family, founders, staff and children of very special schools and an orphanage. We came to understand some of their challenges and appreciate their triumphant spirit in the midst of amazing and paradoxical circumstances. We also enjoyed personal audiences with Pujya Swamiji, the Spiritual leader of the Parmarth Niketan Ashram. Every experience every day was filled with the wonder of India, without any concern for logistics, as Yogi and her family took care of every imaginable detail. We are forever grateful for this opportunity to explore India with the Parmar Family and now could not imagine a more wonderful experience of India."

Participant: Jami Alley,
(Arvada, Colarado)